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Uber Celebrates a Milestone of 5 Billion Trips Made Worldwide!
In Istanbul - an Uber Partner-Driver was part of reaching this milestone achievement on a trip to  a local popular breakfast restaurant - and will be awarded USD 500 as a token of appreciation
Uber has much reason to celebrate - as it announces crossing the 5 billion worldwide trips mark on Saturday 20th May. To make this happen, 156 trips started simultaneously at 7:29:06am GMT, in 24 countries across six continents, in cities including Dubai, Istanbul, Mumbai and Moscow.

Uber started in 2010 to solve a simple problem: how do you get a ride at the push of a button? In late 2015, Uber made headlines for crossing the 1 billion trips mark. Six months later, the company reached 2 billion rides, and over the last 11 months Uber has witnessed incredible growth to reach an impressive combined 5 billion rides.
In Istanbul - Uber's partner-driver, Bünyamin Aslıyüce helped Uber reach the milestone on a trip to Sade Kahve. Bünyamin has been using the Uber app for around 5 months now, during which time he has completed more than 700 trips.
Uber wouldn't have reached this milestone without the dedicated service of drivers. As a token of appreciation, Uber will be giving each of the 156 drivers who were part of this milestone $500, including Bünyamin from Istanbul.
Bünyamin Aslıyüce, who completed one of 156 trips that started simultaneously, said: "It made me happy that one of my trips was within five billion. Not only the tourists, but Turkish citizens have adopted Uber too. And if you're looking for a high quality, reliable trip, I suggest you Uber. Once you try it you'll be addicted." 

“We are very proud of how much the company has grown over the past years. Its is really wonderful to see that one of 156 trips which helped in us reach this milestone, took place here in Istanbul, and with a visitor to our lovely city heading to have breakfast at a local popular restaurant. This emphasises the global nature of our business and the importance of each and every trip around the world.” Says Neyran Bahadirli, GM of Uber Turkey.
Uber is committed to growing its network, providing safe, reliable, and affordable transportation and improving the mobility and transport infrastructure of the cities in which it operates, while also focusing on building new and innovative features for riders and drivers.
For more information on this story, please visit: https://newsroom.uber.com/5billion/


For more information, please contact:
Ceylan Naza
Marjinal Porter Novelli
+90 533 927 23 94
About Uber
Serving more than 450 cities in 73 countries and growing every day, Uber conntects drivers and riders through its application. Uber makes cities more accessible with its rapidly expanding global network and offers transportation options for users and more income opportunities for driver partners. Since its launch on 24 June 2014 in Istanbul, Uber is now serving to Istanbul residents with more than 3,000 registered drivers. Uber brings drivers and passengers together by working with licensed driver partners, and makes transportation more convenient, safe and easy with its uberXL, taxi and uberAİLE services. www.uber.com/tr


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80 ülkede 650'den fazla şehirde hizmet veren ve her gün daha da gelişen Uber, uygulaması aracılığıyla sürücü ve kullanıcılar arasındaki bağı kuruyor. Uber, hızla genişleyen global ağı ile şehirleri daha ulaşılabilir kılarken; kullanıcılar için daha fazla ulaşım seçeneği, sürücü ortakları için daha fazla iş imkanı yaratıyor. 24 Haziran 2014'te İstanbul'da kullanılmaya başlanan ve yaza özel Bodrum ve Çeşme'de de hizmet veren Uber'in, şu an 5.000'i aşkın kayıtlı sürücüsü bulunuyor. Yolcularla sürücüleri bir araya getirmek için lisanslı sürücü ortaklarıyla çalışan Uber; uberXL, taksi ve uberAİLE servisleriyle ulaşımı daha konforlu, güvenli ve kolay bir hale getiriyor. www.uber.com/tr