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Payment cards by ininal special for the world's largest gaming company Tencent Games
ininal, one of the leading financial technology companies in the region, is bringing its users with specially designed payment cards for the Arena of Valor, the most played mobile game in the world.

ininal, provides financial services to corporate customers and prepaid cards for individual users, cooperated with Tencent Games, the producer of the world's most played and most endorsed mobile game "Arena of Valor".
ininal offers co-branded cards for those who do not want to use the credit card in the digital environment and as a solution to the high commission rates of mobile payment. Along with this collaboration, ininal's cards at the first step were specially designed for the Arena of Valor with Batman, Butterfly and Thane characters. Thanks to these cards, users get easy and secure shopping opportunities as well as discount opportunities.

Globally known as the Honor of Kings, but in August 2017 as the Arena of Valor Europe launched the game, is preferred as Mobil Moba game in iOS and Android platforms.

Ömer Suner, CEO of ininal says: "We aim to provide fundamental financial services to both individual and corporate customers. Since the day we were founded in 2012, we have been the first in Turkey and have served millions of people. We know that 30 million people are playing mobile games in Turkey. We are pleased to work with a leading brand such as Tencent Games in the online gaming industry, where 400 per cent grow, and to meet the gaming enthusiasts with a liberating card. "

Tencent Games officials say about the agreement with ininal: “Arena of Valor has been already launched in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam where it was an instant success. Within less than one year, it's already on the top of the charts on both platforms and now officially launched in Europe including Turkey. As Tencent Games, we are aiming to work with the strongest partners globally and this is the reason we started to work with ininal Card to help players benefit from exclusive opportunities. We believe, our partnership will carry Arena of Valor onto the top of mobile gaming market in Turkey and  become a respectable collaboration.”

"While mobile games are getting more and more space in our lives every day, our collaboration with Tencent Games, the world's largest gaming company, is an important indicator of how useful our services are and how it benefits gamers. This cooperation with Tencent proves the positon of ininal as a global player. With this cooperation, we are helping the most important game companies of the world to enter the Turkish market and becoming their most important payment partner, "said ininal Business Development Manager Zafer Yılmaz and adding:

“Arena of Valor players will benefit from the advantages, discounts and campaigns that will be offered to them through our API services that we provide to Tencent Games within the scope of our collaboration, in addition to their easy and safe shopping experiences."
You can reach Arena of Valor at https://goo.gl/j2CeRC.

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About ininal
The financial technology company, ininal was established in 2012 with the aim of providing fundamental financial services to both individual and corporate customers. More than 10.000 points (Migros, Bimeks, D & R, Teknosa, distinguished newspaper franchisees, Vatan Bilgisayar and PTT) it offers MasterCard prepaid card and ininal mobile wallet application to consumers. ininal users can deposit balance from more than 10,000 retail and ATM points on their accounts or cards, and they can spend on all physical and virtual shopping spots around the world. ininal develops custom platforms for corporate customers and offers co-branded cards. With its payment platform and cards, it offers corporate customers a mass payment and expense tracking system. Providing low cost, simple and reliable financial services, ininal Wallet application and ininal MasterCards provide convenience for hundreds of thousands of users.

About Tencent Games
Tencent Games, part of Tencent Holdings Limited, is the leading world-class online game developer and operator which is dedicated to creating a reliable, fun, and professional interactive entertainment experience for users through the creation of quality multi-segment online game products, is now stepping into European gaming market with an authentic 5V5 mobile MOBA game, Arena of Valor, which is published by Proxima Beta, a division of Tencent Games.


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Yeni nesil ödeme platformu ininal, hem bireysel hem de kurumsal müşterilere temel finansal hizmetleri sağlamak amacı ile 2012 yılında kurulmuştur. 10.000'den fazla noktada (Migros, PTT, D&R, Teknosa, seçkin gazete bayileri, Vatan Bilgisayar ve Bimeks) MasterCard ön ödemeli kartı ve ininal mobil cüzdan uygulamasını tüketicilere sunmaktadır. ininal kullanıcıları, hesaplarına veya kartlarına 10.000'den fazla perakende ve ATM noktalarından bakiye yükleyebilir ve yükledikleri bakiyeleri dünyadaki bütün fiziki ve sanal alışveriş noktalarında harcayabilir. ininal, kurumsal müşterilerine özel platformlar geliştirmekte ve ortak markalı kartlar sunmaktadır. Ödeme platformu ve kartları ile, kurumsal müşterilerine toplu ödeme ve masraf takip sistemi sunmaktadır. Düşük maliyetli, basit ve güvenilir finansal servisleri sunan ininal Cüzdan uygulaması ve ininal MasterCard'ları yüzbinlerce kullanıcıya kolaylık sağlamaktadır. https://www.ininal.com